Recycled Candles and Wax Tarts

I love candles. In jars, or votives, or in little wax tarts that you melt with a warmer. We have scented candles in every room of the house. I like matching up scents with the season. 
You would think I buy a lot of candles. Well, sometimes I do .  But most of the time, I reuse what I have. I get a lot of old wax tarts, and candles that have burned down to the very bottom.Some people just throw those out. 
Not me! I recycle them into brand new candles!

It’s a really simple process, and you don’t have to waste anything that way!
What You Need:
– A glass jar. The size depends on how many other candles you want to incorporate.
– A pack of candle wicks. You can find these at any craft store
– Craft glue, or another strong glue.
– A pencil
– A candle warmer to melt down the candles
– Coffee filters – make sure you get the V shaped ones. They look like cones. They will make the process much easier.
What to Do:
  1. First, take a drop of glue and put it on the flat bottom of the candle wick. Press the glued bottom to the bottom of the glass jar. Press down and hold it there for a good minute or two. Let it sit for a while until the glue has set and taken hold
  2. Take the pencil and curl it around the very tip of the candle wick. Twist it around until the ends of the pencil like across the jar lid. This will ensure the wick stands up straight.
  3. Begin to melt down your candles or tarts.You can combine them all, or do them layer by layer. The candles in the picture are a variety of both. The heart jar has layers of flowery scents mixed in with wine and champagne scents. 
  4. Place a coffee filter between the wick and the side of the jar. Hold on to a corner of it – you don’t want it to fall into the jar
  5. Carefully pour the melted wax directly into the coffee filter, little by little. This will filter out all the burnt remnants and leave you with clean wax. Jiggle the filter until all the wax has gone through. If you have a lot of wax, replace the coffee filter. The wax will build up and harden, so you need to replace it to get fresh melted wax through
  6. Repeat until all your wax is done.
  7. Leave the pencil on at least overnight until the candle has hardened
  8. Trim the wax down to about a one inch length
  9. You’re done!
I love this project. I keep reusing candles and jars all season long! You can even buy plain unscented wax at the craft store along with fragrances and invent scents yourself! And this isn't just for candles - get yourself a silicone mold and pour warm wax into it. Pop them out and you have your own wax tarts for warmers like Scentsy. 


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