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Sweet Corn and Sausage Buttermilk Dressing

I love Sundays. There’s not as much to do or places to go, and I tend to take advantage of it by cooking a big meal. Since my husband and I both work during the week we don’t always get to have the great from-scratch meals those days. I try and make up for it on Sundays, and this week was no exception. I’ve been on a real Food Network kick, especially anything featuring Alton Brown. He’s incredibly funny and entertaining, but people always forget he’s a great cook in his own right. I own one of his cookbooks and everything I’ve made is a real winner. This week I had a craving for two things – southern style sausage and sweet cornbread. While Alton has some killer southern recipes, none of them were exactly what I was looking for. I found his recipe for Sweet Corn Pudding and wanted to see if I could tweak it a little. The result was incredible.