Oreo Candy Cane Mocha Frappe

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ... including in my daily coffee treat. To me, the ultimate flavor of Christmas - and winter in general -is peppermint. You could go to the store today and find practically anything you wanted with the addition of peppermint.

My favorite though, is adding peppermint to coffee. It's even better when there's chocolate involved, too. I had an absolutely fantastic milkshake from A&W the other day - Oreo Peppermint. It was incredibly delicious, and I thought the only thing that could make it better was adding a little coffee. That was the inspiration for today's post - Oreo Candy Cane Mocha Frappe.

I've had milkshakes and frappes on the brain since Black Friday. I finally purchased a Ninja Kitchen System, complete with food processor and individual size glasses. I've wanted one ever since they came on the market but I was never willing to pay full price. Luckily, Target had an incredible deal and I managed to snatch one up. 

This frappe features peppermint ice cream, Oreos, rich espresso, and a lovely addition of crushed candy canes, which I think makes all the difference. It's sweet and caffeinated - and according to my husband, better than those you would get at Starbucks. High praise :) 

Totally random - but take a look at the glass. I found that at the local Goodwill this week for 69 cents. I love the gold rim and the etching of the winter scene on the body. I knew it would be perfect for this drink. You can really score some nice holiday wares at thrift stores this time of year. 

Oreo Candy Cane Mocha Frappe
- One cup peppermint ice cream (I found Peppermint Fudge Moose Tracks for this - YUM!) 
- One ounce cooled espresso or strong coffee. 
- Three Oreos. 
- One cup of milk
- One miniature candy cane

  1. Blend ingredients in blender on high speed until uniform. Top with whipped cream. 


  1. Looks so yummy!! All my favorite words and ingredients: Oreos, candy canes, mocha, frappe, I'm soooo in!!!

    1. All things that are even better when combined! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Looks heavenly! Peppermint ice cream is wonderful!


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